Uptown Historic Context and Oral History Report


Uptown, San Diego, California

City of San Diego 
Completion: November 2003

IS Architecture, as the Prime Consultant for Historic Preservation, was responsible for providing a written history for the Uptown area and a background within which the significance of buildings, persons, places, and events could be evaluated.  It focused on economic and developmental trends, changes in population, major builders and architects, and showed how major historic changes in San Diego City and County as well as Southern California affected the historic evolution of the Uptown area.

Historic contexts are developed on the basis of background data on the community’s history, the history and prehistory of the region in which it lies. The development of a historic context allows City and State planners to better determine the significance of the built resources within the area of study.

Themes used in this context statement include transportation and development, George Marston and the Nolen Plan, business districts, public parks, World War II and post War development, the medical community, and civic, ethnic, religious, and minority groups