Featured Series: Style 101

Style 101: Folk Victorian

The Folk Victorian style developed in the late 19th century as a lower-cost alternative to the Italianate and Queen Anne styles also popular during that period. The spread of the style was aided by the railroad, which allowed for widespread access to lumber yards and pre-manufactured wood detailing. Turned posts, spindlework detailing, and decorative brackets […]

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Style 101: Spanish Colonial Revival

The Spanish Colonial Revival style includes a wide range of elements influenced by Spanish colonial architecture in the United States. The style’s bright stucco walls and red tile roofs have a distinctly Mediterranean flair that seems appropriate for the style’s Southern California origins, but revival architecture of this sort can be found throughout the country. […]

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Style 101: Craftsman

The Craftsman style developed out of the English Arts & Crafts movement of  the late 19th century. In 1862, a British artist and medievalist named William Morris took issue with the loss of craftsmanship and individual design that had resulted from the Industrial Revolution. In response, he founded the design firm Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. to […]

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