Our Lady of Peace Historic Treatment Plan for the Relocation of Two Historic Resources


San Diego, CA

IS Architecture was contracted by Dudek for the City of San Diego Development Services in November 2013 to prepare a Historic Treatment Plan and HABS documentation for the relocation of two historically eligible residences in the San Diego neighborhood of North Park.  The residences are owned by Academy of Our Lady of Peace and are located at 2544 Collier Avenue and 2746 Copley Avenue.  HABS photographs and measured drawings were created for the report. The Historic Treatment Plan will also include evaluation of historic significance, integrity, and condition, a historic fabric protection plan for each building, a damage remediation plan to restore historic integrity in the event of an unintended loss, specific repair needs arising from the building’s observed condition and threats, and recommend potential remedies or treatments to arrest or reduce deterioration to building materials and systems.

Based on the 2013 Addendum to the Historic Resources Report, the houses at 2544 Collier Ave and 2746 Copley Ave. are eligible for Local designation under Criterion “C” for their representation of Spanish Revival Architecture.  The period of significance is identified as 1929 through 1963 for the Copley house and 1931 through 1963 for the Collier house.  Both houses retain integrity of design and materials.  Exterior features identified as character defining are those features and materials dating to the year of construction, 1931 and 1929 respectively, and contributing to the Spanish Revival style.  Character defining features shall be protected and either moved intact or crated and reinstalled on the rehabilitated homes at the receiver sites unless otherwise noted.  While it is recommended that interior features that are identified as character defining be protected in place or crated and reinstalled on the rehabilitated homes at the receiver sites, the standards for local designation do not require interior features to be retained.