Ocean View Craftsman


Del Mar, California

This 3,652 square feet one-story Craftsman Style home, with a walkout basement, is a mix of clean details, strong visual axes, and indoor–outdoor living.  The home was designed to take full advantage of the ocean views and give the young family outdoor areas to play. The home sits modestly on the lot, presenting a demure face to the street. Once the visitor steps into the home, the layers begin to unfold.

Once inside, the main visual axis draws you past the private areas of the home through to the public areas and the ocean view. The transoms and crisp white painted wood door casings and window moldings create architectural strength. The “U” shaped floor plan creates an inner courtyard protected from the constant onshore breeze. The courtyard is also the focus of two ancillary axes. The first runs from the master bath through the master bedroom, courtyard, and into the kitchen. The second cross axis runs from the den/study, through the hallway, and out to the courtyard.
The courtyard sitting at the heart of the floor plan is often used by the occupants as a means of transversing the house; such as crossing from the kitchen to the den or the master suite. With this design, the delineation between exterior & interior spaces is obscured.

Walnut wood floors are used throughout the house, complimenting the walnut cabinetry. The kitchen ties aesthetically to the ocean and the Torrey Pine tree. The kitchen’s colors emphasize the pale greens and muted earth tones of both the beach and tree. The Torrey Pine gracefully frames the ocean view from the kitchen sink. The master bedroom suite enjoys access to the inner courtyard and the master bathroom is a serene oasis. The kids’ bedrooms each have window seats that enjoy peek-a-boo views to the ocean and also double as twin size beds for sleep over guests.