City of San Diego Historic Site No. 986, Robert and Frances Johnston Rental House

986 Robert and Frances Johnston Rental House - 1545 29th Sreet

Constructed in 1912, the Norvell Caskie Voorhees Residence is a good vernacular representation of the Prairie style, which is associated with many historic neighborhoods and properties in San Diego. Despite previous alterations, the home’s historic elements are intact.  Having been restored to its original single-family configuration in 2000-01, the house is now in excellent condition and appears much as it did in 1924 following the completion of the south addition. The addition was constructed by the original owner within the period of significance and is over 45 years old, thereby qualifying for historical designation along with the original portion of the residence and the garage. Based on critical analysis using the National Park Service’s seven aspects of integrity (re. location, design, setting, materials, workmanship, feeling and association), the property appears to expresses high integrity and eligibility for Local Designation under Criterion C – Architecture for embodying the distinctive characteristics of early twentieth century Vernacular Prairie style architecture in San Diego.