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IS Architecture is a highly qualified award-winning firm dedicated to the preservation and renewal of our built environment. The firm specializes in custom residential architecture and the historic restoration and adaptive reuse of existing structures, with an expertise in the technical, aesthetic, building code, and structural and agency review aspects of architectural design for historic structures and custom residences.


IS Architecture’s design philosophy is that the purpose of architecture is to create buildings that are well-built, functionally efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and appropriate to both clients’ requests and a project’s location. Scale and proportion are critical – both in the relation of the rooms to each other and the house to the property outside. Our designs are grounded on the principles of assessing a client’s needs and creating extraordinary, livable spaces which complement and maximize the site or existing structures.


IS Architecture wins a Gold Nugget Award of Merit for Best Rehabilitation Commercial/Industrial Project!
Wisteria Cottage Rehabilitation
We are also delighted to be selected for San Diego Home/Garden’s 2015 Kitchen of the Year Award!